Is it time to replace your glass windows? Then there are two major options for you to choose from. Either to have a replacement by a professional or Do It Yourself. Before deciding, let’s see some advantages and disadvantages of both options. It might help you to choose the best option.

Hiring A Professional For Installing Glass Windows

installation by a professional
installation by a professional

When you hire a professional window installer in Kenya for installation or replacement, there are some advantages for you. Firstly, they have years of experience in replacing and installing windows. So, there will be less chance of any drawback, and you can get a perfect installation. They are most likely to do an excellent job! 

Window installers in Kenya are also equipped with the right tools for your work. It means when they come to your place, you don’t need to arrange any tools or no need to waste time finding the right tools. You will benefit from the installation of glass windows without any damage. If you are worried about any accidental damage to the glass or floor of your house, then you need to relax as they are less likely to damage any of your surroundings while installing.

On the other hand, hiring a professional will cost you an installation fee, but at least your window won’t need a replacement soon. But if you hire an inexperienced window installer in Kenya for less cost then it will give you the result of poor installation. Maybe a little bit of damage to the surrounding area of the installation. Nevertheless, you need to wait for a while till they come around to solve your issues. Or you can ask local installers to do your job, but you need to check which one is good at his job.

Do It Yourself

Doing It Yourself
Doing It Yourself

Installing a window by yourself will save the cost of hiring a professional window installer, and you don’t need to wait for an expert to come. But there are a few major drawbacks you can encounter while doing it by yourself.

It will take time for you, as you’re not a professional. Additionally, there will be more chances of damage by doing it yourself which will cost you more money. Your windows might not work for the long run as you think, they will need repairing due to poor installations. As it’s already mentioned above, you’re not a professional, so you can’t install it perfectly. In the end, you will get stuck in hiring a professional to resolve the issues. Especially if your house is left unsecured.

In addition, there will be a chance of voiding any insurance warranty which you might know at that time, or it will happen accidentally. But hiring a professional will save you from losing any warranty. Additionally, their company comes with their own warranties which might save you if anything goes wrong.

Choose A Professional In Kenya

If you are residing in Kenya and want any installation or replacement of glass windows you can contact a professional window installer like Hebatullah. Hebatullah manufactures various types of glass. You can have a lot of options to choose from, which glass will be perfect for your home. You can choose from tempered glass, or double-glazed glass according to their specifications and your needs. viagra für männer rezeptfrei