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For decades we have been importing high-quality raw glass from notable manufacturers and processing it according to the demands of our customers. Our services Discover Hebatullah
sld1 Fabricating Premium Aluminum and uPVC Products Hebatullah has steppe pinto designing and fabrication of windows, doors, curtain walls, and other amenities using robust uPVC and aluminum profiles. Our services Discover Hebatullah sld1 Importing Top-notch Hardware Importing hardware from multiple reputable brands in various countries, and providing splendid products in terms of quality and style to our customers. Our services Discover Hebatullah

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Hebatullah Bros. Ltd. started from scratch and we have earned a reputation in the Kenyan glass processing market. Hebatullah invites you to have a virtual tour of our company and discover everything about us. Right from our journey, to the product quality and technology we utilize, acquire all the information you need. Let’s come together and with complete trust, build commitments that last forever.
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Massive Legacy

Started as a small shop in Nairobi in the year 1930, Hebatullah Bros. Ltd. has come a long way to become a leading glass processor and fabricator of uPVC and aluminum products. We represent:
Extensive Experience

Applying decades of experience in bringing innovation in the glass processing niche to produce creative glass solutions.

Outstanding Product Quality

We at Hebatullah never comprise on quality. Our team works with the vision of ensuring product quality as per international standards. 

Blend of Style and Functionality

Our living solutions are more than just style and fanciness. The amenities we deliver are functional enough to establish comfort.

Achieving Customer Satisfaction

In the end, everything comes to the client’s satisfaction and comfort. And Hebatullah has never failed to deliver what we promise. 


Not only do we process raw glass, but we are also fabricating uPVC and aluminum products in our separate divisions. One of the divisions at Hebatullah is committed to the import and supply of hardware in the Kenyan market. The establishment of separate divisions has enhanced the efficiency and robustness of our business operations.


Site Inspection

A thorough site inspection of the client’s place where we take measurements of the work area, see what’s the best solution and provide the best possible quote.

Fabrication & Delivery

The expert craftsmen at Hebatullah manufacture and fabricates high-quality products on order and then deliver them to you through proper & safe transportation.

Sound Installation

Once delivered on-site, we carry out the sound and perfect installation of the aluminum, glass, or uPVC solution at your place without any glitch.

After Sales Service

We don’t leave our valuable customers hanging if any problem occurs after-sales. We respond to the query and help them out after project completion.

Iconic Projects

At Hebatullah, we make things happen. Check out our iconic projects across Kenya where our team of experts produced and installed premium-quality glass, uPVC, or aluminum products with care. Not only our exquisite and robust amenities beautified the place, but also enhanced and assured the safety and functionality of the environment.

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For the convenience of our valuable and prestigious customers, Hebatullah Bros. Ltd. has established multiple branches across the country. Visit any of our branches to get product details, acquire quotes and place your orders.

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