Raw glass refers to the unprocessed form of glass that is used to create various glass products. Glass is an essential material used in various industries, including construction, manufacturing, and interior design. If you’re in Kenya and need raw glass for your business, Hebatullah is a reliable raw glass importer in Kenya, who can provide you with the essential material for your business needs. Here are the reasons why to trust us:

  • Wide Range of Products

A raw glass importer like Hebatullah offers a wide range of raw glass products to choose from. They have access to multiple sources of raw glass, which allows them to offer different types of glass, including Reflective glass,Mirror glass, Automobile Glass used for various purposes in vehicles, and Glass furniture such as stylish coffee tables, elegant office desks and much more offered by Hebatullah. You can choose the type of glass that best suits your needs.


  • Quality Assurance

Working with a raw glass importer assures you of the quality of the glass you’ll receive. We have quality control measures in place to ensure that the raw glass they import meets the required standards. In addition, we work with reputable manufacturers to ensure that the raw glass they import is of high quality.


  • Cost-Effective

Raw glass importers buy glass in bulk, which makes it cheaper for them to import glass than it would be for an individual buyer. As a result, you’re likely to get a better deal when you buy raw glass from a raw glass importer like Hebatullah. Additionally, we have established relationships with manufacturers and suppliers, which may result in lower prices for customers.


  • Timely Delivery

We have extensive experience in importing glass, having established strong relationships with shipping companies. This enables us to import raw glass efficiently and swiftly to and within  Kenya without any concerns about supply chain delays or disruptions.


  • Customization

If you’re seeking tailored glass solutions, Hebatullah is your top raw glass importer in Kenya. With our extensive know-how and abundant resources, we can actualize your vision by customizing glass products to your exact specifications. Unlike local glass suppliers, our level of customization sets them apart and guarantees you receive a truly unique product.

If you’re seeking raw glass in Kenya or a raw glass importer in Africa, teaming up with a reputable raw glass importer like Hebatullah can unlock these advantages for you.