Double Glazed Window
Double Glazed Window

Your house represents your styling sense first before a tenant enters your home, a glazing window plays a part in it. Energy efficiency also impacts a tenant who is sitting at your home. Cash your investments with double-glazed windows.

Insulated Glazing

Double glazed windows have two panes of glass. Insulation was made due to the air between glass panes. It gives you different benefits. Making your home noise-free and energy-efficient is the dream of many, and now possible with glazing windows.

Reduce Energy Crisis

We all know there is an energy crisis worldwide. Double glazed glass can help you to reduce energy bills. In today’s world, double-glazed glass works the same as the walls of your house in insulation.

As Kenya has some extreme climate conditions, double-glazed windows can help you out with a perfect solution. It keeps your home warm in winter and cools in summer, by maintaining a constant temperature.

Reduce the surrounding noise

Noise pollution has become the main issue in stress and mental tension. A key solution is to get a glazing window as it helps you to reduce noise by 80% and gives you better sleep.

Stylize Your Home

“First impression is the last impression” as this quote already described, your house makes the 1st impression. Tired looks and old windows always create a negative impression. But installing double glazed windows makes your home more appealing.  Any person who is visiting your home will get impressed by stylized windows first. Comfortability in the environment will impact their mind too.

No Damage From Condensation

Double glazed windows reduce the chances of damage due to condensation. Wooden frames are prone to damage time by time. If you still have that, it’s time to change it with non-damage material. Glazing glass with uPVC is a perfect solution to save your window from any condensation damage.

Easy To Clean

Double Glazed Glass is easy to clean. Make a solution with 4 parts of water and 1 part of white vinegar, detergent, or dishwashing liquid depending on you. Wash the glass with a soft, clean cloth. Use a toothbrush to clean from the sides of the frame. For a streak-free glass use a piece of newspaper or squeegee.

energy-efficient glass
energy-efficient glass

Safe Home With HBL

Kenya-based glass manufacturer Hebatullah is perfectly skilled at manufacturing all types of glass. The most demanding glass in Kenya is double-glazed glass. Our years of experience have led to products that will make your home and workplace more energy-efficient and reduce noise.