Best Glass Windows In Kenya

This is a comprehensive list of Kenya’s top glass dealers. Security/safety/anti-burglary window glasses, anti-bomb blast window glasses, decorative glasses, switchable glasses, sandblasted glasses, laminated glasses, and even bathroom glasses are sold and installed by glass dealers in Kenya for both commercial and residential structures.These glass dealers ensure that there is an abundance of daylight sunlight every day in both commercial workplaces and private homes by installing  Best glass windows and even walls, which reduces the occupants’ overall reliance on artificial lighting. This essentially means that you will have to budget for lower utility bills, such as electricity. They also add to security because others are burglar-proof.


Hebatullah Bros LTD started from scratch as a small shop on Biashara Street, Nairobi in 1930 and now it is a well-known company in the Kenyan  Glass Industry. Step by step HBL became a Leading Glass Importer, Supplier, and Manufacturer of Glass products in Kenya. We brought the first powder coating facility for architectural aluminum profiles to Kenya in 1986 and unlocked the freedom of custom color options for architects.

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2)Smart Glass Industries

SMART Glass Industries is rapidly emerging as a leading specialist glass processor and supplier of glass for nearly every safety, security, visual, and functional application. Because we are truly independent, we can provide unbiased advice on the best product for your application. We process everything from domestic safety glass to specialist bullet-resistant glass because we have access to the most diverse range of glass.



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3)Impala Glass

Impala Glass Industries’ growth has been made possible in large part by a genuine and educated workforce dedicated to manufacturing quality products to customer specifications. As a leading glass processing company, the success of Impala Glass Industries Ltd is linked to the support of its direct and indirect customers.

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4)Vista Windows Ltd

a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium uPVC products and the first of its kind in the East and Central Africa region. Quality control is an integral part of the production process at Vista Windows, so it is our duty to pave the way for uPVC to ensure only high quality and reliable products reach the market.


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5)Essajee Amijee

From humble beginnings in the late 18th century, Essajee Amijee East Africa Ltd has grown to become the leading supplier of building glass to the Kenyan market today.

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From 1930 to today, Hebatullah has provided not only buildings but also glass furniture according to customer specifications. We are improving day by day to become the best in the East African glass industry.

In 2017, we added a uPVC department to meet market needs, and in 2018, we upgraded our glass processing department with Italian machines to ensure the highest quality assurance in polishing, chamfering and milling.


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